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Set4C Tubeline 5 Tile Fireplace Set

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Porteous Tiles produce the largest range of reproduction Art Nouveau tile designs in the world. Included in the range are many of the most spectacular and iconic examples of the Art Nouveau style on tile. Porteous Tiles also reproduce a number of arts and crafts tile designs, including designs from America & Europe, & several by the famous Victorian artist Lewis F. Day, e.g. V1 & V64 All the original glaze colours, including the elusive alkaline colours, have been recreated by Porteous Tiles to give their tiles excellent historical accuracy. 

Porteous Tiles are hand-made from a plastic semi-porcelain clay, hand-painted with majolica type glazes, and then fired to a high temperature, resulting in a very strong product with minimal water absorption and fantastic lasting characteristics truly antiques of the future! Porteous Tiles have been involved in many restoration projects, and will be pleased to advise whether they would be able to help with the replication of tile designs and field tile colours for restoration projects. Tiles are aprox. 150mm x 150mm (6" x 6") or 150mm x 75mm (6" x 3").

Customer Reviews

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Tony B.
Colorful and adds value to the fireplace.

Tiles were beautifully crafted and look sensational. My only minor beef is they’re not all perfectly square resulting in the tiles mis-aligning.

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