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Tradco Sash Eye Offset Antique Copper

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A sash eye is a small hardware component that is commonly used on double-hung windows. It is typically a metal loop that is attached to the bottom rail of the upper sash of a window, and is used to connect the sash to the counterweight balance system of the window. The sash eye is connected to a cord or chain that runs over a pulley and down into a pocket in the window frame, where it is attached to a counterweight. When the user opens or closes the window, the sash moves up or down along the cords or chains, with the counterweights providing a counterbalancing force to make the window easier to operate.


Manufacturer: Tradco
Part code: 9737
Material: Solid Brass
Screws: Included
Warranty: 12 months
Height: 32mm
Width: 49mm
Projection: 36mm

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Adam C.

Sash Eye Offset Antique Copper H32xW49xP36mm

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